I am a postdoc researcher at the CS Department, University of Helsinki working with Aapo Hyvärinen. Before that, I completed a PhD within the IT Faculty, University of Jyväskylä under the supervision of Tapani Ristaniemi and Fengyu Cong. My thesis is available here.

Research Interest

My research focuses on unsupervised machine learning, mainly on nonlinear ICA, tensor component analysis, and disentangled representation learning, applicable to analyze brain imaging data especially recorded during resting state and natural stimuli. Specifically, I would like to develop a computational model/method to examine the spatiotemporal dynamics of brain functional networks and associate them with behavioral traits. I'm also interested in applying unsupervised or self-supervised learning to disentangle the underlying cognitive stages/processes in order to better understand the principles of information processing in the brain.


Selected Papers

Find me on [UHhomepage], [Google scholar], [ResearchGate].